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Be a Champion

for Change 

Easily donate and volunteer for a cause and reach out to more people in need through Pass It Forward!

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Why do Individual Givers use Pass It Forward? 

We make donating and volunteering easy, so you can make an impact whenever, wherever you are.

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Enjoy 0% Platform Fee

With no platform fees, your support goes directly to nonprofit organizations, so you can give and reach more!

Start Giving Hassle-Free

Make donations to campaigns globally or find volunteering opportunities in your community with just a few clicks!

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Stay Updated

Discover the latest trends in giving and stay tuned for new opportunities to make an impact. Join our mailing list.

One-stop Platform for Giving

Looking for a better way to support charitable causes and make a bigger impact?
Try our one-stop platform for giving! We have a full suite of tools developed for you.


Give Anytime, Anywhere

Support campaigns globally and use our sharing tools to inspire others to give!


Donate Safely

& Securely

Give donations safely and securely through our trusted donation channels.



for a Cause

Share your talents and skills through local or virtual volunteering opportunities.



Expert Support

Get support and tips from our team who are always ready to help you.

Trusted by Givers Around the World

Our community of Givers is making a change globally through Pass It Forward.

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Arthur Safran

“Pass It Forward enabled me to reach out to nonprofits that are miles away from me. It's amazing to see how my simple gift has created an impact somewhere else.


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Ana Marie Mendoza

“I have always wanted to give back to my community and beyond. Pass It Forward enables me to do so through different giving opportunities.


Zoe Frances.JPG

Zoe Frances

Pass It Forward helps me share my blessings with others. Reaching out to nonprofits, I can make a difference out there to spread a good measure of love.



Maximize Your Impact

Join our community of Givers and nonprofit organizations who want to change our world for the better.

All of us have something to give and together, we can make a bigger impact!

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