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Gift of a Brighter Future

Holidays are truly for children. There is something special and fulfilling about making a child happy.

Bring a smile to children by granting their holiday wishes.

Together, we can empower them, protect their rights, and give them a brighter future.

Support campaigns for children on Pass It Forward. Give now!

Make an Impact with these Campaigns

Donate online, hassle-free through Pass It Forward! Learn How to Donate

WSFU - Children.jpg

Build Doors for Young War Victims

We Stand For U

Join WSFU in building a recovery center for children affected by the war in Ukraine.

Eliya - Light the World.jpg

Light Up the World of Children

Eliya - Mission with a Vision

Join Eliya in giving hope and lighting the world of visually impaired children.


Empower Children
Through Play

Stairway Foundation Inc.

Help the Stairway Foundation provide a safe place for children to grow and play.

Support more charitable campaigns this season. Check out our Holiday Giving list!

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