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Gift of Environment Protection

Mother Earth provides us everything that we need so we must give back.

To care for ourselves and our communities, we must also take care of our environment. 

Promote awareness and take action to preserve and protect our natural resources.

Support Environment campaigns on Pass It Forward. Give now!

Make an Impact with these Campaigns

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Adopt-a-Seedling Forest Restoration

Haribon Foundation

Donate to this campaign and have a seedling planted on your behalf.

Environment - CCEF.jpg

Give for Plastic-free Seas and Coasts


Help CCEF free the seas from plastic by mobilizing coastal and underwater cleanups.

Environment - ILOVE.png

Share the Love with ILOVE!

ILOVE Foundation

Join ILOVE in protecting the environment and establishing sustainable communities. 

Support more charitable campaigns this season. Check out our Holiday Giving list!

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